Faster Modernization

Modernize or migrate custom applications to Cloud 2x faster

According to Gartner, for every dollar invested in digital innovation, three dollars are spent on application modernization. How does one know:

  • What to modernize first and migrate to Cloud?
  • How to refactor the applications faster?
  • How to ensure the applications remain resilient?

Driving Business Results through
Faster Modernization

The answers require accurate intelligence about the Cloud readiness, internal architecture, and evolving condition of the software. Top advisories and financial firms, global SIs, hundreds of enterprises rely on CAST for smarter portfolio prioritization, faster system re-factoring, and safer modernization journeys.


CAST Highlight

Rapid portfolio analysis

Analyzes x100s of custom apps in a week. Automatically identifies best candidates for modernization and cloud migration.

Smarter Portfolio Rationalization


  • Decision support for modernization roadmap
  • Cloud migration roadblocks and boosters
  • Open Source licensing and IP exposures

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CAST Imaging

Google Maps like architecture visualization

Reverse-engineers the entire application to accelerate changes and auto-discover potential candidates for de-coupling & microservices.

Faster System Re-factoring


  • 10x faster software architecture discovery
  • 2x faster onboarding of developers for modernization
  • 2x faster decoupling, refactoring, re-architecting

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CAST Engineering Dashboard

Deep application analysis

High-accuracy architecture and code analyzer tracks software resiliency, security, efficiency throughout the journey.


  • Ensure high Resiliency and low MIPS / resource consumption
  • Take advantage of Cloud platform services
  • Enforce adherence to desired Architecture
  • Prevent potential critical flaws that no one else can see

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Safer Modernization Journey
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