CAST provides
Software Intelligence
for Digital Leaders

CAST was founded more than 25 years ago to make the invisible visible. Built around the idea that even the best analytics on the market still leave blind spots for technical teams looking to deliver better software and prevent outages, CAST provides the software intelligence that matters most.

Every day, CAST works around the clock to make the intangible world of software understandable to even the least trained eyes. Today, CAST is the market leader in Software Intelligence, achieving for software what MRI has for medicine: unprecedented visibility.

Backed by almost $200 million in R&D, CAST’s advanced analytics engine drives IT automation at the world’s largest systems integrators and generates insight into complex systems by scanning and understanding software structure, architecture and composition.

Committed to excellence in software, CAST helps digital leaders make fact-based decisions, visualize architectures, detect security threats and ensure the safety and soundness of business applications and software products.

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